The Mannequin

First person narrative horror

Whilst with Two Tails Games I was lead artist on their first commercial game The Mannequin. Check out the game's site to see the teaser.

I was responsible for the majority of the environment art, along with art direction and communinicating with our concept and character artists.

I had a lot of fun on this project colabrirating to define our own art style.
And getting to light the game's location aslwell as writting a few custom shaders.

Chiappa Rhino

Hand cannon

I was trying out HoudiniFX and made this Chiappa Rhino and then textured it in Substance Designer.

Japanese Fountain

Research and development project

A pretty arty research project we undertook, mainly trying to push how much we could get out of the current state of WebGL from Unity. (renders are in editor, not browser)


Customisable military project

Spent a lot of my time at Real Visual working on military focused simulation and training.

Whilst working on this model I set up in Substance Designer a substance which would expose a lot of the details about the plane. It was really useful being able to change colours on the fly and offered a lot of variation when you can change camo pattern and colour arbitrarily.

Opera House

Beaux-Arts style opea house presented in CryEngine

This is the personal project which is a dark reimagining of Beaux-Art style architecture which takes inspiration for its design from the Palais Garnier in France. All of the textures within the scene are Substance Materials and it's presented in CryEngine.

Fox Spirit

low poly/cubist Unity diorama

Unity Demo link

This is more of an experiment into the low poly/faceted art style, I was part of an art jam where we were to create a 3D piece in a style we'd never tried before that had to run real time. I decided to create a little diorama of Kitsunebi (fire fox) waiting at a bridge. You can see it running in Unity by clicking on this link.

Above is a breakdown of the shader I created in ShaderForge for the piece, it's basis for all of the models in the scene, with only things like the sun/sky/water needing some additional nodes. You can grab a copy of it by clicking here, feel free to use it without restriction.

As for the modeling, it was a fairly simple affair, rough high poly modeling with a prooptimiser in the stack and the colours are all handled with vertex colouring, there are not textures in the scene.

FN 5-7

a first person FN 5-7

A first/third person model of an FN 5-7 pistol, textured in Substance Designer and rendered in Unity 5 with the standard PBR material. It's currently under review to be available in the asset store. Click on the breakdown to see the wireframe shot.

Dickie McCarthy

Environment and Technical Artist

I'm available for freelance work!

printable résumé

Core Software

3Ds Max
Substance Designer
Marvelous Designer
3D Coat


Lead Artist, Freelance at Two Tails Games
July 2015 - Present

Environment & Technical Artist at Real Visual
February 2014 - May 2015

BA Hons Computer and Video Games at Southampton Solent
September 2010 - September 2013

Jams and Demos

a small collection of game jams and demos I've been a part of which are still available online.

Gameboy Jam 5 - Art & Game Design
Dankest Dungeon is a 2D platform is almost a reimagining of Kirby but as a disembodied head.

Simple Jam - Solo Jam
A game jam where you can only have 5 rules and 5 assets

Gameboy Jam 4 - Art & Game Design
A top down spectacle fighter without in 160x144 pixels.

Ludum Dare 32 - Solo jam
A twin stick shooter where your ammo is also your health and also the only way you can see!

Global Game Jam '14 - Art & Game Design
a local multiplayer beat em up in the vain of Smash Bros or Tower Fall which I was in love with at the time. download link

Brains Eden '13 - Character Art & Game Design
a skydiving arcade game where you have to balance risk and reward.
You can play the ridiculously simple 24 hour prejam here.

Fox Spirit - Art Jam
A ambiently moving art piece made in 24 hours.

Thanks for checking out my work, I'd love to hear from you!